BurndyT 52 (Supercap) 1.23m

Shielding - Acoustic braid, anti-EMF braid, black nylon outer jacket
Insulation - Taylon
Conductors - ARAY technology, silver-plated oxygen free copper
Connectors - ChorAlloy-plated copper pins

Compatible with:
Naim devices that utilise a Burndy cable: SXPS, CDS, NAC 52/252/552, 555PS, NAP300 & 500, Snaxo/S-Line
Available lengths:
Standard length 1.23m & Custom lengths available by contacting the office
Phone 01980 625700 Email: sales@chord.co.uk
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BurndyT 52 (Supercap-18 Pin) 1.23m

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